Bauci is a city on the top of the clouds. You can go there by the narrow stairs. The city is very envolve which is why they use glass and the metal for the building. The people of the Bauci can see the ground and when they see it they feel very thankful to not live in there.

Actually, the people of the Bauci missing the old times about earth which they can see the trees and oceans. That is why I use glass and aluminum according to city structure and I use wood for the feeling about the past.

For the leg of the stool, I use organic shape because of the form of the trees. I want to give the feeling of nature by the form too.






This is the stool for the city call ''BAUCI'' which does not exist. The main idea of this project design a stool for a city in the book called ''invisible cities'' by Italo Calvino.